Animal Communicator


Animal communication to me is...

love & healing

The very best part of my day is talking with animals!  They by far are the purest, most gentle part of my practice!  All animals, not just our domestic friends, have needs!  Even the slightest change in their everyday life can make both them and you more comfortable! Let us also think about those moments between life and death...losing a pet can be so hard, but having a little insight into their feelings during that time can bring so much peace and closure within the family.  I am very humbled to be able to communicate with is with great honor and trust that I share my gift with you! xxxooo Nicolebeth

Hi!  Thank you for visiting my website!  Often we seek guidance from an Intuitive when we come to a place in our lives where we just need answers or in some cases we aren't trusting the signs we are receiving on our own.  As much as it would be my pleasure to read for you and assist you in finding those answers, I would also really love to help you become aware of your own special gifts so you may find these answers for yourself!  recognizing these subtle nuances will help so much!  I hear from my clients all the time..."I had a feeling"....well guess what?  That gut feeling is always right!  Let's find those answers together...with you being empowered!