We love. We heal. We listen. We feel.   Thoughtful words I hear each day from Spirit... 

  Choosing a Healer should be a very personal and intimate choice.   Feeling a trust or connection with the person you choose to have read for you will always open the flow of energy,  creating an amazing session that is for  YOUR greatest and highest good!  I have learned over time, as we all have...trusting our gut instincts will ALWAYS be our best choice!   My gift as a Clairvoyant Psychic Medium has always been very calming to others and very natural for me.  During our session, I will immediately start receiving messages associated with the guidance you are seeking, by way of images, feelings, spoken words and clear knowing.  As a Shamanic Healer, I have the ability to see energy imbalances within your subtle energy body possibly from this lifetime or previous soul travels.  Working together we can release those blockages energetically to help you move forward in a loving heart space vibration, letting go of that which no longer serves you.   I am extremely grateful to work with the Animal Kingdom, specializing in all areas of guidance associated with your loved companions!  Our animals share so much with us...dietary needs, behavior modifications (yours and theirs lol), personal feelings and love, as well as concerns regarding your life and wellbeing!  Our animals whether in spirit or in the physical world are our special guides and healers!  During readings I hear the most amazing things from the animals...very love based, funny, crazy, silly...you name it they say it!  They may talk to us about whats going on in your house, feelings towards other animals as well as previous homes or needs.  They most often speak about you as their care givers, reasons they do the things they do and what kind of creature comforts they like, including their diet if they are in need of a change.  As a subject we often shy away from...I am truly honored to assist them during the most sensitive time in their life...when they are ready to transition back into Spirit.  I find, as well as my clients, a strong sense of peace in sharing their needs during this time.   Animal Communication is very sacred to me...as they trust me to be their voice and help you to the very best of my ability!  I look forward to the honor of sharing with you!

  Nicolebeth was born naturally as a Clairvoyant Psychic Medium.  She is a Certified Spiritual Counselor, who attended a private mentorship program with Dr. Shirley Ryan, CCHt, at Conscious Life Institute.  Shirley Ryan is a valued friend, advisor and colleague!      
  One Love. Our World. Many Souls.