-Channeling Love Group-

Our Channeling Love Spirit Message Group is held twice a month, on a Saturday at 1:11 p.m. in the Cooper City area!  Most of our chosen Saturday's are selected based on the moon and the stars...and themed with the guidance of spirit based on the energetic needs of each special group!  Our group is a meditative and spirit message gathering...combined with activated crystal grids, meditation, energy clearing and grounding!  Each group is kept intimate and small so that each person will receive messages and guidance from spirit...as well as a little crystal treasure from me...charged with the energy and crystal grid from your special experience!  You may tap back into the energy from that gathering just by holding your crystal gift xo!  During our meditation we lay on the ground to be near Mother Earth for extra strong grounding!  We have yoga mats, pillows etc...but please feel free to bring anything special you need to be comfy! 

Cost is $75 per lovely guest...please bring payment in the form of cash to the group!

Please click on the link below to email our office reservations!